Engaging perspective, heartfelt emotion, vulnerable life story and a passionate love of Jesus is infused in Tracey’s words as she shares with audiences what God is teaching her through His word and in her open handed life. Tracey has also served … [Read More...]



What a blessing it is to meet moms, hear about their lives and pass along wisdom! Moms like to learn from each other, so I jumped at the chance to start interviewing moms who are guests on FamilyLife Today radio! Each has been so gracious to share … [Read More...]

Aging with grace...and a bit of attitude!


    What big big fun I had with nearly 600 women who came to my FiftyTude breakout session during the National Hearts at Home Conference in Normal, Illinois!  (I also enjoyed meeting the 600 moms who came to my Beautiful Mess breakout … [Read More...]


5 Truths About Mom

Recently several different friends have shared with me that they are talking to moms and what they are hearing is lots of hopelessness.  That breaks my heart. But I have been there. And I know how to get on the other side of … [Read More...]


Join Me At Heart to Home

There are some big "goin on's" happening in early February that you need to know about! I trust you have heard of West Monroe Louisiana - a few guys with beards and some hand hewn duck calls pretty much put that corner of the world on the map. … [Read More...]


Teach, Yes – Demand, No!

Sometimes as a mom I blow it. Sky high. A willingness to admit and adjust is a necessity as a mom. Can you relate? She walked up to me smiling, “OK Mom, my room’s all done! Come and see!” I stepped away from my own chores and followed her … [Read More...]