Engaging perspective, heartfelt emotion, vulnerable life story and a passionate love of Jesus is infused in Tracey’s words as she shares with audiences what God is teaching her through His word and in her open handed life. Tracey has also served … [Read More...]



What a blessing it is to meet moms, hear about their lives and pass along wisdom! Moms like to learn from each other, so I jumped at the chance to start interviewing moms who are guests on FamilyLife Today radio! Each has been so gracious to share … [Read More...]


Mom’s Night Out

During the summer of 2013 I was blessed to be invited to the filming of Moms’ Night Out, actually the bowling alley scenes and the scenes at the church.  What an amazing day my husband and I had watching the behind the scenes and hiding behind the … [Read More...]


I’m back!!!

And I am grateful for every amazing moment I have spent with the Lord and my family since January!  Obedience is a wonderful thing, I stepped away because God indicated I should and though I was not sure for how long when I did step away, I am sure … [Read More...]


Social Media Conundrum

For eight years my immersion in social media has been blessed by relationships made, encouragement shared and received, as well knowledge gained. I am grateful for every conversation, tear, grin and giggle I have shared with others. However, … [Read More...]


Meet Stephen Kendrick – Sharing About Adoption

Enthusiasm, encouragement and oozing Jesus' love, that is how I would describe Stephen Kendrick! Check out my recent video interview with him where he shares how he and his wife Jill made the decision to adopt and how God was with them every step of … [Read More...]